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January 06, 2010


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la marquise des anges

you said it . just perfect and very lovely. I need to keep that in mind ... quite hard for me though ...When doing something I am always thinking of the second, third, ...; thing I have to do afterward... enjoying the present moment but not totally...


What a fabulous reminder!


That is a memo to me! I need that! Thanks for sharing.

Olivia M.

perfect. I have so many new ideas and I am sorta going crazy with wanting to do them all... meanwhile there is this whole house that apparently doesn't maintain itself. BORING!


It really is a perfect start to the day. And it's sadly so easy to forget to enjoy the moment we're in. (Oddly, I'm in a philosophy of time class right now so we think about the present a lot.)


thank you ...thank you!


Such a wonderful find!

Be in the now! So important to remember:)

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