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September 30, 2009


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My favorite are
Lilies in the Green Valley Enamel, Jade and Vintage Brass Choker Necklace - cute


I love the new fall colors, but I'd still go with the pink. I think the rosy checks that winter is bound to bring would work with them very nicely. :)


I'd love to win a pair of the turquoise lilies and wear them with a simple black dress.

the southern hostess

I love the coral pink. Perfect with a fluffy white sweater.

Deanne Jones

I would choose the turquoise Lilly drop earrings and wear them with my little black dress and my antique turquoise necklace. :-)


I love the pink -- bring a little bit of summer color now that it's getting chilly in Massachusetts. As for an outfit? Skinny jeans, boots and a gray cardigan to let the earrings shine!


Lovely giveaway I like the fall color lily drop earrings especially the pumpkin color and I would wear it with my new orange fall sweater.Thanks for the giveaway.Marian

Melissa N.

I like the Santa Fe Evening ones :) I'm a casual girl, so they'd be worn with jeans, my boots (TX girl :)) and a dress shirt


I love the Vanilla color. I would give these to my mom, and I think she would wear them with her navy sheath dress and cream colored pashmina.


Ohhh my, I would definitely choose the Pink ones! And I would pair them with a lacy vintage top and a brown skirt. Fun fun fun!

Diana A.

I would like my Lilys in Caramel; I would wear them with skinny jeans and a pink-caramel sweater and I would put my hair up.
Thank you for the chance!
dikatzen at yahoo dot fr

Mary Preston

I love the Coral Pink. They would look stunning with my favorite little black dress.

V. G.  Marcel

Her ear rings are gorgeous. I have very short hair and like to wear big ear rings. I like the candy apple red which I would wear with my black jeans and red shoes, white shirt.
VG Marcel
cudjojo at gmail.com

Barb Elisabet

I live in Florida and the turqoise ear rings with look just right. I'll change for the mandatory shorts to a dress just for that, Maybe my dark brown with my high heeled brown.
Barb Elisabet

Sofia M

Caramel would be great for fall. Worn with black so that it won't compete with other colors - and a "fall" make up.


I love the Simplicity Stunning Aqua and Gold Earrings and I would wear them with my favorite blue and black checkered vintage 50's dress.


I love the Santa Fe turquoise! But for Fall I'd wear the Candy Apple red with some jeans and cute blouse.




I'd choose the white with my favorite tie dye blue shirt and jeans!

Linda Kish

I would choose the caramel, I think. I like them all.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

Heather F.

I would get the carmel ones! They look like they would match almost anything! And now that I cut my hair super short, I need to get big earrings to show off!

Melanie Adey

I would go with coral pink. They would look cute with almost everything.


I would take the "Candy Apple Red" ones. . .
I would wear them with a nice black dress and some cute red shoes. . .plus I have a necklace that math perfectly with the earrings!


I'd take the caramel earrings...


I put a link back to this post on my blog.

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