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December 15, 2009


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I have to tell you, the work you do is just so wicked good. I'm so sad I don't have a printer here at my parents' house, otherwise I'd be printing these babies right now.


This blog is beautiful! You post such inspiring things.


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Wow they are gorgeous wallpapers. I am envious of anyone who has the patience to make it.
something so delicate.


Love this banner!! I'm using the letter "C" to add to a Christmas present. The colors match my wrapping perfectly...lime green wrapping with red satin bow. I know I am asking a lot, but possibly could you do the letter R and M?

Happy Holidays!!!


Thank you so much for the cute things!! I'm putting up your banner tonight. LOVE it!

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Incredible banner I love it !

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I know I am asking a lot, but possibly could you do the letter R and M?

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You will surely rock the night away with these.

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