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April 23, 2010


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donna o

What a wonderfully FUN way to have tea! Sad thing is, I cannot find a place where I may purchase one! Any clue? Maybe I am looking in the wrong place! LOVE your site BTW ;0). Enjoy the day....and a cup of tea :0).


Hi Donna!

I am so glad you like the post! I myself just ordered one of these Sharky Tea Infusers over at Charles and Marie (http://charlesandmarie.com/quintessential/sharky).

Cheers to you!

Lexi :)

The Real Vertical House

hah! this is awesome! i saw a beatles yellow submarine tea infuser, but i don't know if it ever became a real product or just an awesome idea!


If you are entertaining, share your tea or just drink more than once cup at a time then an infuser pot may be perfect for you. These pots have a built in infuser that allows you to use your favorite tea leaf blends easily.

indians tea

Nice site.... I love the Sharky Tea Infuser :)

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