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December 21, 2010


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*Dream Weaver*

a refreshing post in non-traditional Christmasy colours. I heart.


my gosh! all those colours!!!


I really like your blog! And I've never heard of wrapping presents this way... really unique!


Are you coming back? I always enjoy your picks. Hope all is well and you are just on a mini break.

Brenda Smith

I too hope you're coming back! I keep checking every couple of days for new posts.


Great idea for the gift wrap, so cute!

Ivana | Love Ardently

i miss your post lexi! hope everything's alright! :)

Lindsey Marlor

I'm too wondering if this blog is coming back?! It's such a cute blog!

How To Make A Guy Like You

Are you for hire to wrap Christmas presents for me? I'm horrible at it. *lol* What's the secret? :)


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i really like your post!

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I always enjoy your picks. I will miss your post!

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I really liked it, all of those are so beautiful, you are so creative, what a talent.

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What a beauty I love that pink Christmas tree and you are right the there is nothing more pleasant than to wrap the presents.

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indeed, it is very inspiring photos reminds me of my childhood Christmas days.


Love your blog! Just one suggestion, the light blue text is VERY difficult to read. Gives me a headache and I can only read for a little while at a time. But I LOVE the blog! Keep it up!

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This is a fresh idea. Hmmm I can almost smell Christmas. It is my favorite time of the year.

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I was looking for this particular info for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck.


Is it December 21 today? Oh my am I on twilight Zone?

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Hope that all be ok! =P

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I've never heard of wrapping presents this way... really unique!

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I really like your blog! And I've never heard of wrapping presents this way... really unique!

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